Cylindrical Magneto-Couette Flow

In magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) Lorentz forces due to a magnetic field can drive fluid motions. When current is pushed through a conducting fluid and exposed to a magnetic field, the fluid will move in the perpendicular direction. This process should be kinematically reversible at low (magnetic) Reynold’s numbers. The experiment was previously investigated by Ernest Gomis using salt water (image below), however we are looking into the dynamics of liquid GaInSn.
The setup of the experiment includes two concentric cylinders with a thin layer of liquid GaInSn between them. A potential difference is placed between the cylinders to encourage current to flow in the fluid. The magnetic field is currently being produced by permanent magnets underneath the cylinders; however, in the future, AJ Chlarson would like to construct a Helmholtz coil to have a more uniform magnetic field.